Fallen Angel The Making and Unmaking of Rajat Gupta

by Sandipan Deb

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2111-0
  2. Pages: 248 pages
  3. Date: January 2013


On 24 October 2012, Rajat Gupta, former head of the world’s most respected
management consultancy firm, McKinsey & Co., was sentenced to two years in
prison by a New York court for securities fraud and insider trading. Why did this
Based on extensive research, including transcripts of FBI-wiretap conversations, Fallen
Angel is an insightful account of a remarkable man and the extraordinary events
surrounding him: this is the real story of Rajat Gupta, an orphaned immigrant
from India who managed to reach dizzying heights in the US corporate sector.
Although the verdict is out, the mystery remains: several jury members were in
tears after delivering the verdict, and nearly everyone who has known Gupta
believes he is innocent—so what really happened?
With its almost thriller-like cast of real-life characters, Fallen Angel is a page-turner
that explores the complex layers of this human drama.


Sandipan Deb is an IIT-IIM graduate who, after three years in the corporate world,
shifted to journalism. He has been the managing editor of Outlook, the editor of
The Financial Express and was the founder-editor of Open. He is also the author
of The IITians: The Story of an Extraordinary Indian Institution and How Its Alumni
Are Reshaping the World, which has been translated into Chinese and Korean. He
lives in Delhi and is currently working on a novel, The Last War. A collection of
his writings over the years can be accessed at sandipanonline.com.

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