Do Tigers Drink Blood? And 13 Other Mysteries of Nat ure

by Arefa Tehsin and Raza H. Tehsin

  • Category Red Turtle
  • Format PB
  • Imprint Red Turtle
  • Price 295
  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3123-2
  2. Pages: 111 pages
  3. Date: August 2014


A fun and informative new series from Red Turtle, the Mysteries series explains
strange and wonderful facts from the worlds of nature, science and history in
easy-to-understand language, accompanied by detailed illustrations.


AREFA TEHSIN is an author, a traveller, columnist and the Honorary Wildlife
Warden of Udaipur. Because of her naturalist father, she grew up with jungles
and animals around her. She is the author of the rainforest based fantasy
novel Iora & the Quest of Five and co-author of Tales from the Wild.
RAZA H. TEHSIN has spent seventy years in and out of the jungles. Raza has
helped form three wildlife sanctuaries, reported fourteen new animals from
the region and has written over a hundred research papers as well as three
books on wildlife.