Chuang-TZU The Tao of Perfect Happiness

by Livia Kohn

  1. ISBN: 228
  2. Pages: pages
  3. Date: June 2012


The Chuang-tzu is the second major text of the Taoist tradition. It was compiled in the third century bce and follows the lead of the best-known and oldest of all Taoist texts. Representing the philosophy of its main author, Chuang Chou, along with several other early Taoist strands, the text has inspired spiritual seekers for over two thousand years.
In this special edition, leading Taoist scholar Livia Kohn, PhD, provides a fresh and modern translation of key selections from this timeless text to open up classic Taoist beliefs and practices for today’s reader. She provides insightful, accessible commentary that highlights the Chuang-tzu’s call to reject artificially imposed boundaries and distinctions, and illustrates how you can live a more balanced, authentic and joyful life, at ease and in perfect happiness, by following Taoist principles.


Livia Kohn, PhD, a leading Taoist scholar, is professor emerita of religion and East Asian studies at Boston University. She is author and editor of over twenty-five books and many articles on Taoism and East Asian religions, including Daoism and Chinese Culture, Daoism Handbook and Health and Long Life: The Chinese Way. She teaches workshops all over the world, spearheads international conferences on Taoist studies, and is executive editor at Three Pines Press and the Journal of Daoist Studies.

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