Bitch Goddess for Dummies

by Maya Sharma Sriram

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2061-8
  2. Pages: 260 pages
  3. Date: December 2012


Bitch Goddess Rule # 52: Don’t Mess with a Bitch Goddess. Ever. She Gives as Good as She
Tired of being a pushover and a wimp, Mira Iyer decides to change her life forever.
Thus begins Project Bitch Goddess. She junks her Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes image and
brings out the killer stilettos. She demands her boss’s attention, and the next promotion,
and matches her crafty colleague, the impossibly beautiful Sanya, move
for move. But when Mira starts playing mind games with the suave Rohan—whom
Sanya is also desperately trying to woo—things threaten to go too far. Then, Mira’s
half-sister lands at her doorstep, and compels her to confront her estranged father—
and her long-closeted inner demons. Will the snappy Bitch Goddess Rules come to
Mira’s rescue, or leave her scarred?
Set in Singapore and India, Bitch Goddess for Dummies is replete with dark humour
and is a powerful antidote for those who must suffer because they are too nice.


Maya Sharma Sriram is a full-time writer. She was one of the winners of the Elle
Fiction Awards in 2010. Bitch Goddess for Dummies is her first novel. She can be
contacted at: mayasram@gmail.com

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