Bindaas Zero Bollywood Hero

by N. Sampath Kumar

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1980-3
  2. Pages: 256 pages
  3. Date: May 2012


This is the story of Vishy, who leaves Delhi to escape the incessant taunts of his
father, and joins a call-centre in Pune. In his new city, Vishy encounters a host
of interesting people: Arpita, his free-spirited flatmate; new-age philosopher Jana;
and his horrible boss-turned-loving wife Usha.
However, his life takes a curious turn and flings him into the chaotic world of
Bollywood. Will ambitious and street-smart Vishy be able to negotiate the cutthroat
world of casting-couches, seductresses, extortionists, rigged filmed awards,
lewd producers and what have you?
Praise for N. Sampath Kumar’s previous novel, Campus Cola:
‘Campus Cola is comic, witty and lace with wry humor, but at the same
time, sobering and reflective.’ —Asian Age
‘[…] a crazy, light-hearted, joyous ride.’ —The Tribune


N. Sampath Kumar lives in Chennai, and is the author of two previous novels,
Love on Velocity Express and Campus Cola, of which the latter has been published
by Rupa.

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