Bengal Write Ahead


  • Category Anthology
  • Format Paperack
  • Imprint Rupa
  • Price 195
  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-4042-5
  2. Pages: 146 pages
  3. Date: July 2016


Fifty articles that evoke the wonder that is Bengal

Bengal Write Ahead was a contest organized by Facebook, in partnership with Rupa Publications, RED FM and Kolkata Bloggers. It invited people from all over the world to write about Bengal and submit their articles online. It was an attempt to see how Bengal is portrayed in the minds of people of various ages and backgrounds.

In Bengal Write Ahead, the top fifty pieces, chosen by an eminent jury, are brought together. Each one of the articles evokes a unique aspect of Bengal—from cinema, art, sport, literature to the beauty of its landscape, the wonder that is Kolkata and the delectable range of its cuisine. The pieces examine Bengal’s past and also look to the future, to see where the state is headed in a new world.

Humorous, nostalgic and hopeful, Bengal Write Ahead evokes the very best of the Bengali people and their culture.