BANTAISM-II The Metaphysics of Mainnu Ki

by Bhai Niranjan Singh ‘Amrikawale’

  • Category Humour
  • Format PB
  • Imprint
  • Price 195
  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3585-8
  2. Pages: 215 pages
  3. Date: June 2015


With a fresh set of uproarious anecdotes, full of infectious humour, Banta Singh and his friends, including his perennial partner in crime, Santa Singh, are back!
In this sequel to the ever-popular Bantaism, rib-tickling anecdotes of Banta’s unique worldview, like ‘MBA or Ainvay E?’, ‘Bill ki Baatein Kahi Nahin Jaati’, ‘Pran Jaaye Bin Button Dabaaye’, among others, are sure to shake up many a smug certainty. Each joke is coupled with philosophies of its own, looking to strike a chord with deeper levels of meaning, and life in general.
And even as you chuckle at all the gaffes of Banta & Co., you cannot but identify with the universality of the penchant for blunder.
‘Hun assaan saare Bante haan (We are all Banta Singhs now)’, as proclaimed in Bantaism, is thunderously underscored in Bantaism-II.


Bhai Niranjan Singh ‘Amrikawale’ grew up in Delhi and lives in the USA. His articles on politics and current affairs have appeared in print and online publications in India and America. In other lives, he has worked for a bank and run two software companies.
This is his second book on the philosophy of sardar jokes.

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