Absolutely Nuts

by Vijaya Lukose

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-2013-7
  2. Pages: 244 pages
  3. Date: August 2012


When the eccentric SK decides to start India’s first low-cost airline, the world looks up in awe at the crazy but sincere struggle. Catering to the self-centred middle-class Indian, Dyna Airways faces numerous jerks and overhauls.
Geraldine, the sensible head of In-flight, tries to bring a method to the madness. From running around offices and cities to conduct interviews, to doubling up as tea-maker, secretary and peon, she does all she can to make the airline a success. Her peers—be it the hefty HR manager who binges on free food, or Half Moon who throws lavish parties at the company’s expense, or the expats with maharaja salaries—contribute more to the agony and less to the work. What will be the fate of the airline?
Will it land on safe grounds, or will it crash?


Vijaya Lukose has obtained double master’s degrees from Indian and American universities. She has over twenty years of experience in the aviation industry and has worked for Air India, Eastern Airlines, USA, East West Airlines and Air Deccan, where she held very senior positions. She lives in Bengaluru with her family and consults for start-up airlines, and also teaches Business Etiquette and International Business Practice at MNCs. Her first book Ten Steps to Become an Air Hostess has sold well all over the world.

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