by Nishant Kaushik

  1. ISBN: 9.79E+12
  2. Pages: 291 pages
  3. Date: 2009


A Romance With Chaos Ever felt that your life is a quagmire of uncertainty and dissatisfaction? Ever felt that destiny has struck a raw deal for you? Meet Nakul Kapoor, a twenty-something corporate executive,who gives you a hilarious account of how he struggles through a cobweb which comprises of: ->An unacknowledged position at work that leaves him with nothing but the feeling of being an objected resource.-> A stupid boss who thinks he is a Smart Alec.->A gorgeous girlfriend who can’t think below D&G and Guccl when it comes to shopping with his credit card.->And an extra plous roomate who thinks that watching sleazy films and lusting after material comforts are trivialities that one needs to rise above. And then, one day, a few random sketches drawn by an acquaintance seem to give him the answers he has been looking for.Does he manage to wriggle out of the muck? If you think this is ypur story,read on-you will find yourself in it.If it’s not ypur story, read on anyway-for it will be your story too, sooner or later…!


Nishant Kaushik is a twenty-six year old business consultant working with a leading multinational company. His first novel Watch Out! We are MBA was published early in 2008, and is selling successfully across India. A Romance with Chaos is his second novel