A Hundred Lamps Classic Stories about the World of Medicine

by Dr Yatish Agarwal

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-1926-1
  2. Pages: 216 pages
  3. Date: January 2012


Doctors are often compared to gods. We rush to these men and women in
moments of crisis and pain.
But how much does anyone know about their personal lives? What about the
trials they undergo and the challenges they face in their personal lives and in
the course of their professional careers?
There are seven stories in the book; all of which truthfully capture the clinical
drama, excitement, conflicts, love and passion in the lives of doctors.
These stories talk about the life of a doctor in the little settlement of Purnea, a
physician’s lonely battle against the bureaucracy, a look at what goes on in large
medical institutions, a collaboration between Ayurveda and Allopathy, and other
aspects of doctors’ lives.
The stories have been translated from the works of some of the best-known Hindi


Senior physician, columnist, broadcaster, poet, teacher and author, Dr Yatish
Agarwal, MBBS, DTCD, MD, DSc, works and teaches at New Delhi’s Safdarjung
Hospital and VM Medical College. His writings have been appearing in national
dailies and periodicals since 1980. His books have sold over one-and-a-half million
copies, and have been translated into many languages. He has scripted television
shows, radio features and development films, and has been a national consultant,
adviser and editor for several major national and international organisations.
He has received several national awards, including the Indira Gandhi National Award
(2006), Rajiv Gandhi National Award (2005), Indian Council of Medical Research
Award (2004), Indian Science Writers Association Lifetime Award (2003), Littérateur
Award of Hindi Akademi (2003), Dr. Meghnad Saha Award (2002), Shiksha Award
(2001), National Science Award (2000) and Atmaram Award (1999).

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