A Children’s History of India

by Subhadra Sen Gupta

  1. ISBN: 978-81-291-3697-8
  2. Pages: 452 pages
  3. Date: June 2015


Which were the first cities of India, and how were they discovered?
What was it like living in Mughal times?
How did the British, who had come to trade in India, end up ruling the
How has India changed after Independence?

Delve into India’s past to discover the answers to these questions and many more in this comprehensive history of our nation. Journey through time to visit the baths and palaces of the first cities of Harappa, the stupas of Ashoka and the flamboyant courts of the great Mughals, rich in art, culture and architecture. Learn how the revolution of 1857 really started, and march alongside Gandhi on his quest for an India free from British rule. Plus, discover more about each period through fun and easy ‘To do’ activities.

Told in simple, lucid prose, and interspersed with beautiful illustrations, A Children’s History of India makes learning history a fun and engaging experience for readers of all ages.


Subhadra Sen Gupta has written over twenty-five books for children including mysteries, historical adventures, ghost stories and comic books. Right now she is waiting for someone to build a time machine so that she can travel to the past and join Emperor Akbar for lunch.

She loves to travel, flirt with cats, chat with auto-rickshaw drivers and sit and watch people. To start a conversation with her on any topic under the sun, you can email her at: subhadrasg@gmail.com

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