54 Reasons Why Parents Suck and Phew!

by Dr Swati Lodha, Swaraa Lodha

  1. ISBN: 978-93-5304-123-6
  2. Pages: 320 pages
  3. Date: 20 July 2018


The book is a tongue in cheek take on things parents should and should not do. It talks about various beliefs, behaviour, and biases held by most parents that make them annoying and difficult. So, all you parents out there—be a good sport, pick up this book, and see for yourself the heart of a teenager. 54 Reasons Why Parents Suck and Phew! will leave you with one big reason to understand your child, all over again.


Dr Swati Lodha has been a mother, author, management guru, and life coach for nearly two decades.

Swaraa Lodha is a seventeen-year-old teenager. She is interested in music, photography, and creative writing.

They live in Mumbai, India.