50 Greatest Horror Stories

by Terry O’Brien

  1. ISBN: 978-9353043636
  2. Pages: 420 pages
  3. Date: 20 September 2018


50 Greatest Horror Stories is a selection of some of the best horror fiction from all over the world, bringing together writings by great masters of the genre, carefully picked for their timeless quality. It features some of the most powerful tales that have attained the status of classics, such as ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, ‘The Signal Man’, ‘The Cobweb’, and many more.
The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, the catechism of the unknown. Be it the supernatural, the gothic or the terror of the unexpected, this selection covers it all and is bound to send a chill down the spine.
A collector’s item, this anthology is as good as a haunting!


Terry O’Brien is an academic with three decades of experience in teaching language and communication skills in India and abroad. He also headed a college under the auspices of the University of Delhi. A prolific writer, with several books to his credit, Terry O’Brien is a reputed professional motivation speaker and a quizmaster.

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