100 Greatest Sportspersons

by Kalyani Mookherji

  1. ISBN: 978-93-5304-073-4
  2. Pages: 220 pages
  3. Date: 20 July 2018


‘Faster, higher, stronger’ is the Olympic motto. But very often the real achievement of a sportsperson is more than breaking and setting records; it is as often about overcoming personal setbacks, changing cultural mindsets and fighting gender stereotypes.

This book brings together 100 such personalities from mid-twentieth century onwards who have not only excelled in their individual fields but more importantly, chartered a new course for others to follow. Through their lives, these men and women have given us a message of inspiration and hope—inspiration to remain committed to our passion and hope that anything is possible if we work hard enough and persevere.


Kalyani Mookherji is an alumnus of Jadavpur University, Kolkata from where she completed her post-graduation in English literature. She has been a writer and educator for over ten years now.

Kalyani is currently based in Wellington, Tamil Nadu.

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