William Manger, and Norman Kaplan, with Edward J. Roccella and Dr Ray W. Gifford Jr.

William M. Manger, MD, PhD, has served as a professor of clinical medicine at
New York University Medical Center since 1983. In 1977 he founded the National
Hypertension Association (NHA), an organization that has conducted groundbreaking
research on hypertension and its effects.
Norman M. Kaplan, MD, MACP, is a clinical professor of internal medicine at
the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.
Edward J. Roccella, PhD, MPH, has worked as the coordinator of the National
High Blood Pressure Education Program and has published extensively in scientific
journals dealing with hypertension.
Ray W. Gifford, Jr., MD, was president of the National Hypertension Association
and a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Hypertension from the
Council of High Blood Pressure Research, American Heart Association.