Nandita Haksar

Nandita Haksar is a human rights lawyer, teacher and activist. She has set precedents in human rights and humanitarian law, evolved the country’s first human rights courses and has been involved both in the women’s movement as well as the human rights movement from the 1970s.
Nandita’s other works include Demystification of Law for Women (1986), Framing Geelani, Hanging Afzal: Patriotism in the Time of Terror (2009); Rogue Agent: How India’s Military Intelligence Betrayed the Burmese Resistance (2010); The Judgement That Never Came: Army Rule in North East India (with Sebastian Hongray, 2011); and ABC of Naga Culture and Civilization (2011). Her books have been translated into several languages, including Burmese, Tamil and Tangkhul. She regularly writes for various journals.
Nandita lives in Goa, Delhi and, sometimes, in Ukhrul.