Khagesh Dev Burman Please

Khagesh Dev Burman hails from the royal family of Tripura and shares the same heritage as S.D. Burman. Born on 14 December 1940 in Agartala, Tripura, he was brought up in an environment conducive to art and literature.
K.D. Burman is the editor of Prantik—the first ever collection of poems from Tripura—published in the year 1962. He has been awarded the Sachin Samman by the government of Tripura for his book Sachin Kartar Ganer Bhuban (the Bengali original of S.D. Burman: The World of His Music). Other books authored by him are: Rajnandini, Aayanaye Nijer Mukh, Nasta Samay, Tripuraye Annaya Rabindranath, Santan, Sandhey Belar Pratham Dupur and Chandra Prahar. His works have been highly acclaimed by literary critics