Commander CP Sharma

Pink Yoga is about Power intensity and naturally kindled yoga. The book
establishes Yoga’s association with Sex and Health (two sides of the same coin)
and concentrates on balancing the SHS (sex hormonal secretions) through yogic
approach and acupressure.
It also explains the right yogic approach to maintaining the proper balance of
Chakras; by explaining how intrinsically the seven main chakras (plexus) – the
spinning wheels of energy – not only relate to our endocrine glands but also to
the musical notes, colours, and most importantly our emotions.
The book also imparts knowledge on the importance of kamashakti (sex power).
Dedicated Asanas/Pranayams, for the first time are explained in detail to help
maintain a gratifying sexual life.
A chapter on Kamasutric aspects further elucidates ancient wisdom on the