Bhagat Lakshman Singh

Bhagat Lakshman Singh (1863-1944) was born in Rawalpindi to Hindu parents,
Bhagat Kahan Chand and Bhagatani Gurditti. In 1895 he received Sikh rites from
Baba Khem Singh Bedi, a direct descendant of Guru Nanak.
In 1899 he launched The Khalsa, the first Sikh weekly paper in English language,
where he expressed strong support for the ongoing Singh Sabha Movement. However,
two years later he was forced to close it down owing to financial constraints. In
1929 he re-launched The Khalsa, continuing with his campaign for the Singh
Sabha reforms. He also contributed articles to The Tribune among other journals.
He wrote two books—A Short Sketch of the Life and Works of Guru Govind Singh
(1909) and Sikh Martyrs (1929).